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Downy Mildew
Aliette WDG     
Bravo ZNC     
Cabrio EG Fungicide     
Captan 80 WSP     
Copper Spray Fungicide     
Cueva Commercial     
Dithane Rainshield     
Folpan 80WDG     
Maestro 80WSP Fungicide     
Manzate Pro-Stick     
Merivon Fungicide     
Orondis Ultra Fungicide     
OxiDate 2.0     
Presidio Fungicide 4SC     
Pristine WG     
Revus Fungicide     
Ridomil Gold MZ 68WG     
Stargus Biofungicide     
Supra Captan 80 WSP Fungicide     
Timorex Gold     
Torrent 400 SC     
Zampro Fungicide     
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