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Miscellaneous chemicals
Agral 90     
All Clear     
AntiBloc Mineral 1     
AntiCondens (ReduCondens) Plastic     
Basamid fumigant     
Blue Tracer Dye     
Conductor Granular     
Disclose pH     
EZ-Gro Yucca     
Final All Weather Blox     
GCPRO Oxidizer Granular     
Green Clean Pond Block     
Meltco Commercial De-Icer     
Moss-Aside Moss Killer     
Mouse Bait Waxed 20 Kg     
Myke Pro Arbor WP     
Myke Pro Greenhouse-G     
Myke Pro Greenhouse/Lawn WP     
Myke Pro Nursery-WP     
Pipe Paint (ReduPaint)     
Plant Products Solutions Defoamer     
Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash 45%)     
Resolv Soft Bait     
Rodent Bait     
Rodent Pellets     
Scaniavital Silica Wound Paste     
Soda Ash     
Sodium Hypochlorite 7-13% + (NSF)     
Spray Lime (Hydrated)     
Sulphuric acid 93%     
Super Spreader Adjuvant     
Turf Pride Tank Cleaner     
Windsor Clean and Protect Water Conditioner Salt (Sodium Chloride Salt)     
XA Oil Concentrate     
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