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ReduSol DL

ReduSol DLwas specially developed for applications in which a shade coating must remain on the greenhouse throughout the season.It provides a white, even coating which can be easily removed at the end of the season in an easy and safe way with ReduClean. A few rain showers after spraying ReduClean will result in a sparkling clean greenhouse.

The outstanding weather resistance as well as the ease of applying and removing; make ReduSol DL and ReduClean technically and economically the perfect shading system.

Always stir or agitate the water while adding the Redusol. The dilute product must be applied to a dry surface. With a dilution rate of 1:1.5 there is enough product in each container to cover about 250 square meters.

Item # Description Size #/skid
9988 ReduSol DL 20kg 44
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Redusol vs Redusol DL
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