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Dacnusa sibirica
May be allowed in organic production.
Dacnusa sibirica is a parasitic wasp used against leaf miners. This beneficial has excellent host searching capacity. Adult females lay their eggs in non-parasitized leaf miner larvae, allowing the new parasitic wasps to develop safely. Dacnusa has a preference for first and second developmental stages of leaf miner larvae. They offer good control even in cooler weather conditions or at low pest density. Dacnusa can be introduced in early spring.

Key Features

  • Excellent prey searching capacity
  • Dacnusa sibirica can distinguish non-parasitized from parasitized leaf miner larvae
  • Parasitizes leaf miners effectively, even at low prey density
  • Offers good control, even in cooler temperatures
  • Can be introduced in early spring
Use immediately upon receipt. If not possible, product can be briefly stored horizontally at 43-47°F (6-8°C).
Item # Description Size
17329 Dacnusa sibirica 250 ml
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