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Sticky Cards and Traps

Yellow, blue, and green sticky cards are indispensable for the detection and monitoring of flying insects.  At the beginning of cultivation, the traps are hung up amongst the crops.  As all kinds of flying insects are attracted by the coloured traps and stick to them, the sticky traps provide a simple, but effective monitoring system.

  • Yellow cards attract whiteflies, leafminers, sciarids, aphids and many other flying insects
  • Blue cards attract thrips
  • Green cards attract echinothrips

Plant Products also offers many lures and pheromones with traps to help monitor for specific pests.


Item # Description Quantity/case
17885 Olson's Yellow Sticky cards Punched (3 100
17895 Yellow Sticky cards (25cm x 40cm) 20
17911 Bugscan Yellow (10cm x 25cm) 20
17899 Bugscan Dry Yellow Sticky Cards (25cm x 40cm) 20
17868 Yellow MaxiBoard Sticky Cards (40cm x 25cm) 10/pack
17889 Blue Sticky cards (25cm x 10cm) 10
17894 Blue Sticky cards (25cm x 40cm) 20
17896 White Miniboard Sticky Card (10cm x 25cm) 20
17888 Bugscan Red (20 cm X 25 cm) 20
15534 Pherocon IC Traps ea
15580 Pepper Weevil Traps/Kits 4 Kits
17903 Pepper Weevil Lures (Russell) 10/pack
15562 Pherocon CL Lure (Cabbage Looper) ea
15538 Pherocon OBLR Lure (Oblique Banded Leaf Roller) ea
15540 Pherocon ECB-I Lure (European Corn Borer) ea
15537 Pherocon ECB-II Lure (European Corn Borer) ea
15552 Pherocon CM Lure (Codling Moth) ea
15572 Pherocon AM Lure (Apple Magot) ea
17926 Bug-Scan Green (10 cm x 25 cm) 20
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