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Dramm Water Breakers

Dramm Water Breakers are made from Aluminum or high-impact ABS plastic, they connect to wands or extension handles with standard ¾” hose threads. The disc is made of Stainless Steel with the size and number of holes differing between models to produce the perfect flow and spray pattern for any situation.

170PL Plastic Water Breaker - The 170PL is an excellent choice for watering in areas with low water pressure or with systems which restrict total water volume.

170AL Aluminum Water Breaker - Same as the 170PL but with a cast aluminum body.

400PL Plastic Water Breaker - Fast, full-flow watering without damage to your plants

400AL Aluminum Water Breaker - Same as the 400PL but with a cast aluminum body, this is the original full-flow shower head nozzle manufactured since 1945.

750PL “Lemonhead” Plastic Water Breaker - The 750 waterbreaker is designed to offer a lower, softer flow. Even softer than the 1000PL Redhead.

1000PL “Redhead” Plastic Water Breaker - Water your plugs or seedlings with this soft full-flow watering nozzle.

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