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Intercept 60 WP
Systemic insect control in greenhouse crops (selected vegetables and ornamentals) as well as for nursery growers.
Label Update:

Intercept 60 WP Greenhouse Insecticide, Reg. No. 27357

Ornamentals (greenhouse and outdoor):

  • Cancellation of use on ornamentals (greenhouse and outdoor) that are attractive to pollinators and planted outside
  • Use on ornamentals without pollinator exposure concerns, as listed below, will be maintained:
    o Coniferous evergreens (pine, fir, juniper, spruce, arborvitae, hemlock, cypress, yew, live Christmas trees) as they are not attractive to pollinators
    o Ornamental Grasses: (as they are not attractive to pollinators)
    o Greenhouse Grown Cut flowers (as they are not planted outside)
    o Indoor potted plants: Plants grown for indoor use only (e.g., potted plants maintained indoors) as there would be no pollinator exposure since they are not planted outside

Greenhouse vegetables:

  • Cancellation of the transplant tray plug drench use on peppers
  • All other uses will be maintained, including:
    o Use on mature plants in production greenhouse (cucumber, tomato, peppers, eggplant)
    o Transplant tray plug drench use on greenhouse lettuce, CG5A head and stem brassica
Item # Description Size Quantity/case
11002 Intercept 60WP 250g 12
Technical Sheet
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