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Selectus Bentgrass Pro Blend

Selectus Bentgrass Pro is a balanced blend of MacDonald, Flagstick and 777 bentgrass.

  • MacDonald provides a high density creeping bentgrass with early spring green-up that makes for superior turf for greens, tees and fairways.
  • Flagstick provides superior Dollar Spot resistance. It is versatile for greens, tees and fairways with excellent heat and cold tolerance. No scalping and bright dark green colour.
  • 777 has great performance for all greens mowing heights. Excellent Dollar Spot resistance, heat and cold tolerance. Higher turf density for better putting quality and Poa annua resistance
Item # Description Size
40729 Selectus Bentgrass Pro Blend 11.34kg.
Selectus Bentgrass Pro TS
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