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Aphidoletes aphidimyza

Aphidoletes is a generalist predator which feeds on multiple aphid species. It is predacious in the larval stage of various aphid species. Adults only feed on nectar and pollen. Aphidoletes predates at low pest densities and have very good search behaviour. They deposit their eggs around aphid colonies.

Key Features

  • Adult females actively look for aphids 
  • Adults lay more than 100 eggs per hotspot 
  • Larvae start sucking their prey immediately upon hatching 
  • Up to 80-100 aphids are eaten during the larval stage 
  • In large aphid hotspots more aphids are killed than necessary for consumption 


  • Use immediately upon receipt
  • If not possible, product can be briefly stored at 43-46 °F (6-8 °C)
Item # Description Size
17229 Aphidoletes System - 10,000 (Sawdust) 500 ml
17234 Aphidoletes System - 10,000 (No carrier) 250 ml
17241 Aphidoletes System - 2,000 (Sawdust) 100 ml
17319 Aphidoletes System - 2,000 Bulk
17320 Aphidoletes - 1,000 Blanco
17355 Petri Plate - Aphidoletes aphidimyza
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