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Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter - HI9813-5
HI9813-5 is a versitile, multiparameter, portable instrument specifically designed for agricultural applications such as hydroponics, greenhouses, farming and nurseries
This series of instrument features a large LCD that clearly displays the parameter being measured as well as calibration instructions.  Calibration is fast and easy with knobs located on the front panel of the instrument.
Other features include:
ATC, automatic temperature compensation
Help feature.  On-screen tutorial messages
Battery indicator, indicates how much battery life is in the instrument
Water resistant
HI9813-5 are guaranteed for two years against defects in workmanship ane materials when used for their intended purpose and maintained according to instructions.
Electrodes and probes are guaranteed for six months.
Item # Description
805040 HI-9813-5 portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature meter
805045 HI-1285 replacement probe
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